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US Study 

We are currently preparing for our US study.  Below is a little information on what our study will involve.  Please sign up to our newsletter to be keep up to date with progress. Thank you.



The human microbiome is the collection of microorganisms (including bacteria, fungi, viruses) that live in or on our bodies. The gut microbiome in particular is considered to be a major factor in keeping us healthy and protecting us from disease, but may also play a part in the development of certain chronic disorders.


An unhealthy microbiome, where we lose microbes that protect our health and gain extra microbes that are associated with disease, has been linked with cancer, inflammation and loss of muscle mass and strength. 


Areas of Down syndrome which may be particularly affected by the microbiome include:

(a) digestive sensitivity and bowel disorders;

(b) ageing ahead of time and ageing-associated disorders, such as dementia.


There is currently a lack of information on the microbiome and Down syndrome and although Down Syndrome is associated with these conditions, their relationship to the microbiome has received very little attention to date.


This study will explore the microbiome of Down syndrome in relation to these conditions.  We will look for identifiable microbial biomarkers of digestive symptoms and of ageing in Down syndrome. This will help us to plan additional studies in the future to investigate if altering the microbiome through diet or other interventions, could prevent or address some of these digestive symptoms and ageing effects.

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